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Why We Are Unique
Dealing with a machine shop like us, you receive the personal one-on-one attention with the builders themselves. Should any discrepancies arise in our work, it is corrected immediately to the best of our ability.

  • We do offer Pick-up and Delivery service in the Greater Sacramento area.
  • Habla Español.
  • We do offer full machine shop services on Saturday as well.

We also have a running stand on the premises to actually run these newly rebuilt engines at an idle before export. This machine not only checks and measures the oil pressure and compression, it also primes the oil pump so all you have to do is put the motor in and go.

We also have the capabilities to balance your internal engine parts to produce a little less friction in turn for a little more Horsepower.
CASCAR     •     FULL SERVICE MACHINE SHOP     •     2633 47th Ave. Sacramento, CA 95822     •     Phone: (916) 424-8968     •     Email: cascarmachineshop@yahoo.com